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Elami.co is an Ubud based event producer, their mission is :

Elevating ordinary events to extraordinary experiences in Bali. Elami and Co. specializes in event design, experiential marketing, and brand storytelling. 

When i got asked to do a mural for the office front rolling doors, I don’t know how to do it yet, but i said yes. Extraordinary words stick in my head so I proposed a design with their favourite bright colors pallete they already used one their website and add 2 more colours with similar tone.

It was my first mural project ever that i do by myself from concept to painting, and because this is my first then I had to be ready with a lot of challenges I never face before – from picking the right kind of paint, mixing the paint to match the colours – tracing the design into the rolling door  & dealing with messy paint.

I dislike some part when it dried because apparently the paint i mixed was too thick -> lesson learnt, but overall i like it, I enjoy the process and pretty proud of myself x)

here is steps & things I use to make this mural:

1. Design :

  • Pencil & paper for sketch
  • Adobe illustrator CC for tracing and color

2. Rolling Door Prep :

Because the rolling doors are quite clean, I just use soap ( Sunlight) & sponge to clean it up & dried it, but there is some liquid available in Paint Store to remove rust.

3. Tracing :

  • Temporary marker ( for tracing)
  • Projector ( Mila arrange to borrow it from Om Rio ) – well the funny story is that the projector was full of ants when we picked it so we have to shoo the ants away first and put it under sun lights
  • Cable extender + door mat to protect the cable from passing by motorbikes

We set the projector on the road opposite the door at around 5.30 when it almost dark with Mila & Gika helps, and trace it quickly.

4. Masking Taping:

  • Masking tape ( 2 rolls)
  • Scissors & Pencil

I cover all the letters with masking tape, I use the pencil to trace & scissor to cut the masking tape shape so it match the letter, it take quite some time.

5. Paint Shopping :

The color i used is pastel so the colors is not available at the shop, so i decide to mix, I pick paint color closest to the swatches i have and  bought 2 big can of white steel paint ( cat besi ) to mix, here is the list:

  • Blue ( got the right shade), yellow, red, green paint 1 each
  • White – 2 can
  • Brush, big one to cover big area, small one for details, I suggest to buy one brush for each colors used.
  • Thinner

6. Mixing Paint :

Tools needed:

  • Empty bucket with lid to keep mixed paint ( i wont be able to do everything in 1 day so its nice to have lid to prevent the mixed colors from drying)
  • Plastic Spoon, to stir
  • Screwdriver to open the paint can lid ( i google how to do it, its quite easy)
  • Newspaper to protect the floor
  • Unused cloths – dip it to thinner to wipe hand

I put white paint first and slowly add the colors until it achieve the right tone, then I add thinner slowly until i get the right paint consistency.

7. Paint :

  • Stool / ladder (to reach high part)
  • Ear phone & playlist ( play nice music while painting)
  • Brush

I start painting from the top to down while listening to music, I did it in the morning and after 4 pm so the sun doesnt hit me too much. After all the background colors done, i peel the masking tape and paint the letters. Then its done.


If you try your own mural after reading this mention me at instagram @byfloramarc 🙂


See you!

The Rolling door


Masking taping (above) – Painting background (below)


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