Little Witch & Little Wolf Children Book Illustration

This story began with a famous phrase.

Once upon a time, in a dark forest and deep mountain, lived a small girl in her wooden hut. Nobody knew her real name, and this girl, she was called The Witch of the Forest. 
Such a grand title, but she really was just a girl. A lonely girl.

One day, she met a little wolf, wounded by a hunter’s trap. 
Then, their friendship story began…

Little Witch and Little Wolf in English for children and readers of all ages.

This is the first children book illustration that I ever finish, print and actually sell. Cynthia wrote the story years a go until last year around November 2016 she contacted me. She share me her story and ask if I’m willing to work on this book with her. I read her story and hooked. There is something about this Little Witch that I can connect with: she is lonely, she was left behind by her parents, people misunderstood her and nobody really wanted to be her friend, but she finally found friendship with animals, because animals don’t judge and I love them too!not to mention the fact that she create this owl, rabbit, fox and dragon character in the story really excited me! I said yes and start painting the illustration christmas 2016. I use watercolor so I can spend less time in front of computer. I did it in between my freelance project & part time job then almost a year later we managed to launch it at Pasar-Pasaran Kolaborasi event at Sopa Garden. We start small with what we have, we met new writer friends from Intersection Project and join Ubud Writer Festival 2017 together. Our small booth set in a garden next to a tree with Tjampuhan Ridge walk as a background. We decorated it with white small flags and christmas lamp and it was 4 magical days.

While waiting for Cynthia to translate the book to Indonesian language, we sell our book hard copy in English version (with merchandise)here. Little Witch & Little Wolf digital book Kindle Version also available for sale here.

Since I also love to write music, I also manage to write a simple song for the book theme that you can listen below.



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