Niconico Body Care

Niconico mare, Bali based beachwear company wanted to create their own bodycare brand, using their brand-name niconico and asked me to create a simple label design for their clear looks packaging, something simple but nice and elegant. Niconico produce lots of vintage themed design on their shirts and bikinis & most  Niconico shops are decorated with vintage elements too, so I came up with this simple vintage typography looks for their packaging :).

The products range from body butter, lip balm, zinc, sun lotion, cooling gel & cooling spray to keep skins glowing healthily under Bali endless summer sun..

All products are produced in Bali and have sweet natural fragrance selections like green tea, cucumber, mango, vanilla, pink grapefruit, chocolate,orange and musk.  They are available at Niconico mare shops Bali & Jakarta 🙂 for address and info click

visual direction, graphic design & photography by Flora

nicobodycare6 copy nicobodycare5 copy nicobodycare nicobodycare2 nicobodycare4

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