Infinite Charms Indonesia

Last year my best friend Viranica Susanto (now a brand strategist at Egghead Agency) send me an invitation to join a design competition just a few days before its closing. The competition is to promote Indonesia Tourism to the World held by Wego. That was an interesting challenge for me because beside the prizes was pretty awesome (some cash that I can always use for something) I always know in my heart that my country Indonesia is very-very beautiful &  deserve much more attention and appreciation,

so I tried, my ideas is Infinite Charms, Indonesia, why? because there is so many beautiful things in Indonesia that you can explore, nature, culture, foods, performance arts and many more as if its never ending ( infinite )

I poured my ideas into this colourful logogram in the shape of Cendrawasih bird (bird of paradise) one of the most popular native bird from Papua, the circle-ish shape inspired by ouboros, well known symbol for infinity and I also make it in Batik style, I personally love this logo and enjoy my time creating my surprise this logo make it to the top 3 finalist from hundreds applicant and became the Runner Up & The Most Popular Ideas by vote ­čÖé



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