Q : How long it takes to design a logo?

A : It really depend on what you already have prepared,if you already have a brand strategy and clear design direction and want to hire me just as visualizer it can be done within 3 days, but if you don’t, here is a rough picture of how is it going to be:

If you want my brand strategy service add extra 3-4 week on step 10, add extra time for me to do deeper research and put it all together.

Q : Why I need a brand strategy? why can I just design a logo?

A : Logo actually a tip of iceberg floating above the ocean, the strong foundation is the brand strategy. I imagine a beautifully designed logo without a strategy backing it up will be like a human being without soul and a plant without roots.

A brand strategist will help you find out your brand strength, your unique characteristic,voice & appearance that can be use to interact with your target audience, it’s the whole package of your brand personality that will attract people and invite them to interact and even can be loyal to your brand. Pretty much like friendship with another human being, if you are easy to be understood, clear on your communication and approachable, then a good relationship can be established.

Q : How much do you charge for design service?

A : Send me an email with what you need to get done,then I’ll send you a quote based on my working hour estimation. 

Q : Do you work alone?

A : Not always. When needed I collaborate with other great minds. Mostly, I get things done myself, then ask others opinion for feedback.

Any other questions?

send me email:floramarcellaruslim@gmail.com